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American artist grows her hand from stem cells

Amy Karle decided to grow a human hand from stem cells as part of one of her projects. Initially, she planned to create a whole skeleton in this way, but so far she decided to restrict herself to just a hand.

Artist Growing Human Hand with 3D Printed Scaffolds and Stem Cells

“A major portion of this artwork that I’m creating is the cells that I use. I consider: what does it mean for this piece to have human cells growing and proliferating outside of the body? My mother was a research scientist and I grew up in the lab with her. I feel inspired by her whenever I do this kind of work. She has passed away now, but I consider what would it mean if I could use her cancer cells in this piece and they could live on?” –Amy Karle

Amy Karle: Bringing Bones to Life (video)

Amy Karle is an artist who has always been fascinated with mysteries of the body. Her most recent work uses the building blocks of life: cells. As an Artist in Residence at Pier 9, Amy collaborated with Autodesk to create “Regenerative Reliquary,” a sculpture consisting of 3D printed scaffolds for cell growth in a bioreactor. The intention is that stem cells seeded onto these scaffolds will grow into bone. She hopes that this project serves as a foundation for further exploration and opens conversations about the awe and mystery of life, transhumanism, synthetic biology, the future of medicine and implants, and things that could be made from the building blocks of life.

An artist is prototyping a hand grown out of human stem cells

Karle’s work is a reminder that our bodies are built out of molecules and atoms that are inanimate but take on life when brought together in the right patterns. To repair our bodies, we must first take them apart. In Karle’s work, this basic truth takes on a horrifying beauty.

How to 3D Scan Body Parts for Prosthetic or Any Use

Open source instructions on how to 3D scan the body by Amy Karle… how to capture three dimensional scan data / reality capture of the body for CAD modeling,prosthesis, wearables, fashion design, pattern making, fitness and training, portraiture, avatars, figurines, action figures and more.

Signal Culture | Amy Karle Artist in Residence

Amy Karle is a transmedia artist who works across a variety of mediums engaging questions about what it means to be human. She makes work on, around or about the body. Her artistic practice expresses ephemeral internal experiences in visual forms.
She creates devices, interactive installations and performances connecting physiology and consciousness with technology to output artwork. Her works input biofeedback and emotional sensations to create direct visualizations of the human experience so that we may study the mind-body connection and the nature of consciousness, and even learn to reprogram it.

Cyber-perception and self-knowledge: interfaces for the development of self-perception through interactivity

Situated at the threshold of the distinction between what can be considered as art or design, is the work of Amy Karle. It consists, roughly, of an experimental interaction between biofeedback sensors and the processing of this data by the classic analog computer known historically as Sandin IP. Visual and sound effects are produced from waves captured through sensors, which in turn are interpreted by archaic technology. Depending on the intentions and the state of the mental body emitted by the connected person, it is possible to control the images and sounds generated by the computer. According to Karle, art is a means for the continuous exploration of issues that involve the material body within its spiritual, evolutionary and nostalgic duality, as ways of accessing transcendence through research. Her work is intended to serve as an awareness agent, both for herself and for others, addressing essential ontological issues that seek to reach the “chords of truth” in order to ignite self-realization. (translated)

Forged Fabrics

Open source instructions on how to make high-end specialty fabrics for couture, textile art, tapestries & fashion design by Amy Karle

Body of Work

A performance artist who considers how clothes affect how one feels, Karle’s personal style picks up where language leaves off. Her day job involves projects such as connecting her body to art-making technology, sometimes for hours or days at a time, and working with companies to develop user-friendly devices.

Video Art Today: A collection of Videoart from the permanent collection of Galerie Chartier

Time, illusion, and the dichotomy of loss and fulfillment frequently re-emerge in Amy Karle’s Artwork through time-based processes and ephemeral experiences. Amy Karle unifies the material and immaterial by creating Art around and about the body that may function as a transformative device to transcend the material and provide an experience of the unseen. This is integrated in the way Amy Karle often offers viewers situations where they may observe themselves from a removed perspective… a catalyst for the foregrounding of transformative energies contained in the polyvalent body.

Art, Fashion, Music and Fun at “Now Showing”

Artist Amy Karle shows her fashion designs at “Now Showing” (New York City) a benefit for Scholastic Art and Writing awards, awards and scholarships she won when she was in high school that provided scholarship to College and placement of her artwork in the Corcoran Gallery and National Gallery of Art, all of which Karle says supported her to become the professional artist that she is today.