7-21 March 2022

Wake Gallery, OnCyber
 The Metaverse
Free online, and also in VR

Artist Amy Karle’s first exhibition in the Metaverse is a solo show of her Blue Chip NFT Collection, The Skull Collection hosted by Wake Gallery in OnCyber, and also available in VR. Wake Gallery is a virtual museum for scare digital artwork & bi-monthly exhibits.

The Skull Collection represents Karle’s explorations into what happens to our digital “selves” when we stop existing in the physical world. She juxtaposes the concept of life after death into the context of blockchain technology, asking us to consider the digital remains that we leave behind and what that means for our legacy.

These digital images and videos explore the meaning of mortality and question the implications of technology on humanity that remains in the digital domain. The artworks are contemplations of how we can transcend the physical into the digital after we die.