Cross Innovation Conference

 Amy Karle: Creativity Boost
Superpower of Creativity
Closing Keynote Talk

International Cross Innovation Conference
29-30 November 2018
Hamburg, Germany

Amy Karle speaking 30 November @ 3p  (GMT+2)

Cross Innovation Conference – Fostering Collaboration with the Creative Industries

Public and semi-public institutions from across Europe will meet in Hamburg to exchange views on a forward-looking approach to fostering innovation in cooperation with the creative industries: cross innovation. Mastering the complex challenges of today and tomorrow requires bridge builders who think in the long term. This applies to networking the various sectors in general and in particular to fostering cooperation with the creative industries. With the Cross Innovation Conference, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft will bring together Europe-wide promoters and “bridge builders” of cross innovation for a constructive work exchange in Hamburg. There will be keynotes, creativity boosts, talks/lectures and many interactive formats. It will be about seeking international exchange in the context of cross innovation in many of its topical facets. 

The conference marks the start of a new European network whose goal is a constant exchange with interested partners beyond the conference days.

Key Topics
THE BENEFITS OF CROSS INNOVATION What is cross innovation? What is the concrete added value for the companies involved? What opportunities does cross innovation offer the economy as a whole?

ROLE OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR What role does the public sector play today and in the future in fostering crossindustry cooperation? How does the European Union view cross innovation? Where is access to finance available?

SUPERPOWER OF CREATIVITY What role does creativity play today and in the future for different industries? Why is the cooperation with the creative industries promising?

BEST PRACTICES What are the practical approaches across Europe? What can we learn from the different approaches? How can ongoing exchange develop?

RESEARCHERS’ PERSPECTIVE What scientific evidence can support fostering cross innovation?

AMY KARLE: Superpower of Creativity #3
30 NOVEMBER 2018 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

TOPIC: Creating complex and innovative work that stretches the boundaries of our imagination – and also the boundaries of what is technically possible – and that can even make a social impact – is extremely rare, but achievable. Internationally award winning bioartist Amy Karle achieves these aspirations in many of the artworks that she creates.

In this “creativity boost”  closing keynote, Amy Karle will share her works, practice and insights of the creativity and innovations that can occur when we work across disciplines, toolsets, cultures, companies and collaborate with experts in other fields who approach problem solving in different ways than we do.

FORMAT Like splashes of colour, Creativity Boosts are distributed throughout the conference programme. During these boosts artists from around the globe give insights into their cutting-edge artistic works, their performances, design works and campaigns. Inspirationally and visually they illustrate the superpower of the creative industries and give insights into interdisciplinary work. 

From the organizers:

Companies increasingly call for innovation and corresponding impulses out of their own industries. Such so-called cross-innovation processes particularly including the exchange and collaboration with creative industries offer special potential for all parties involved. To illustrate, the creative industries show a high density of differing work cultures and solution approaches. The form of working and thought out of combining the quite different work cultures and approaches promises strong, yet unexploited stimuli for the development of out-of-the-box ideas, changed process design as well as new products, services, and business ideas.

In the digital transformation, the creative economy often proves to be a pioneer in the development of new solutions. In keynote speeches, lectures and interactive formats, the participants discussed how they can promote cooperation between the creative industries and other sectors and how they can tap new innovation potentials.


The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is a municipal promoter of the creative industries in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg founded in 2010. In their project called the Cross Innovation Hub, which is partly co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, have been fostering cross-sector/-industry collaboration with the creative industries.