1st International Conference
Methodological and Cognitive Aspects of Visual Arts

27–29th September 2023

The Doctoral School of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław Audiovisual Room (410)

Amy Karle’s Opening Keynote:

From Imagination to Innovation: The Power of Artistic and Emergent Technology’s Synergy in Envisioning and Co-Creating the Future

In the accelerating frontier of an exponential biotechnological era that we can hardly fathom, Artist Amy Karle harnesses art, design, science, technology, and thought leadership to research, envision, and co-create a better future. In this talk, she will illuminate the purposeful confluence of disciplines and tools beyond mere use towards conscious application to research and envision the otherwise unimaginable. Art, design, and creative modalities combined with cross-disciplinary collaboration becomes a prism through which opportunities, challenges, and intricate ethical implications are examined, and from which new visions and innovations can be crafted.

Amy Karle will discuss these concepts in the context of her projects and work as a practitioner in art, design, emerging technology, and ethics including cross-disciplinary collaboration and creative methodologies, where art and design emerge as indispensable catalysts for research, discovery, visualization, innovation, education, and awareness.

The presentation unveils pioneering research methods, casting multidisciplinary practices as purposeful catalysts integrated with emergent technologies including regenerative medicine, digital manufacturing, and AI, while emphasizing the importance of humanity and our collective role in creating a healthy, sustainable amidst our rapidly changing world.