Special Projects & Talks

Amy Karle: Designing Preferrable Futures

At the confluence of art, futurism, and cutting-edge technology, Amy Karle opens minds, inspires, and expands horizons. As an internationally recognized artist, futurist, and thought leader, Karle frames her unique expertise to open critical questions on the impact of technology on humanity and the future and to inspire, innovate, and articulate transformative futures. Her talks are inspiring journeys that explore how we can harness the power of art, design, and exponential technologies to address humanity’s greatest challenges and opportunities.


Amy Karle’s unique offering lies in her ability to blend visionary insights with practical applications, sharing not just a glimpse into the future but also a roadmap for shaping it. Her talks are an invitation to explore the boundaries of what’s possible, empowering individuals, organizations, and societies to not only adapt to the future but actively design and create it.

Speaking Topics

  • Conceiving and Designing the Future
  • Humanity x Technology
  • Artist Talks
  • The Impact of Technology on the Future
  • Exponential Technology
  • AI and AI x biology
  • 3D Printing and Bioprinting
  • Bioart / Biodesign
  • Biomimicry
  • Creativity as Catalyst for Innovation and Change

“An expert speaker opening minds on how we may use art, design, and technology to empower humanity.”


Intro to Transformative AI                                              1m

at NVIDIA GTC 2024

BBC 100 Women                                                               15m

Amy Karle: “The Future Human”

Technology x Humanity                                                   8m

2023 Talk by Artist Amy Karle

Amy Karle offers a depth and breath of expertise in the impacts of technology on our lives and the future.

Her work over the past decade has positioned her as a visionary thought leader whose insights can drive real change and innovation. Her talks and participation in think tanks offers innovation, inspiration, and actionable change. She was honored as one of BBC’s 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world.


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what will be our motivation to live?

Amy Karle:

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Amy Karle Artist Talk

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Closing Keynote: “Our Role in a Bionic Future”

Biomedical Lecture: 3rd International 3D Conference.

Amy Karle:

Autodesk Artist In Residence Talk