Special Projects & Talks

Artist Diplomat: American Arts Incubator

Artist Amy Karle: Philosophy and Selected Works

What is Artificial Intelligence? Amy Karle on infotech/biotech, loving machines and what it means to be human.

When Technology surpasses humans, what will be our motivation to live?

Amy Karle discussing her “Internal Collection” garments based on anatomy.

Amy Karle: Bringing Bones to Life

“Layers of Life” American Arts Incubator – Poland workshop and exhibition with Artist Amy Karle

ART + TECHNOLOGY [Episode 7] ART + 3D Printing “Artist Amy Karle: Can 3D Art Become Human?”

How Can We Care–Fully Co–Craft Death–Life?

Closing Keynote: “Our Role in a Bionic Future” Biomedical Lecture: 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference.

Opening Keynote: 3DHEALS: 2017 Global Healthcare 3D Printing Conference.

Opening Keynote: Human Organogenesis: Bio-Print Me

Closing Keynote: 2nd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference.

Amy Karle Autodesk Artist In Residence Talk

Future Factories: Experimenting at the Edges of the Next Industrial Revolution

Bypassing Biology: A Discussion of Futurism, Transhumanism, and Design in a Technologically Augmented Future.