AMY KARLE Exhibiting | Participating | Presenting at:

Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative
Future Innovators Summit

25-27 May 2018

Tokyo Midtown Atrium
9-7-1 Akasaka Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

Join us for the explorations, exhibitions and presentations envisioning a better future.

Using Tokyo as the laboratory, a mega-city with the world’s fastest ageing population, innovators dive deep into crucial questions of our future, strategize how we could create better future(s) and come up with creative questions as catalytic specialists to open up possibilities for our tomorrows.

Future Innovators Summit (FIS) is a creative system designed to engender ideas and prototypes for the future. Experts, outstanding artists, designers, scientists and visionary thinkers from all over the world convene as a dynamic think tank to discuss ideas and formulate creative questions which will lead us to thinking of Missions for Tomorrow. –

At FIS Tokyo, there will be 4-5 participants having a round-table discussion under each topic, and a final presentation from each group on the last day, 27 May 2018. Along with this discussion, an exhibition is held in Tokyo Midtown with FIS participating innovators’ masterpieces and companies’ prototypes of the future.

During FIS Tokyo 2018, Artist Amy Karle will focus on “Death-Life”.
*Amy Karle is also exhibiting her artwork at this location during FIS TOKYO 2018.


What is the life and death in a city with the fastest aging society?


– A healthy body: What is a new structure/ technology that creates a healthy body?
– How can we live a good new life? : In a Lifespan 100 Years era & Super AI era, what is necessary to survive?
– What is good death? : How can we customize (design) how to die?
– What to leave after death: What is the new way to leave your traces in an era of genetic and digital information technology?

What would be the future of fashion borne in a city embracing the world’s most advanced technology?


– Protecting the body: If there was a second skin, what would it be like?
– Toward others: What is fashion for opening up communication?
– Toward myself: What is fashion/ tool to better understand myself?
– Expanding the body and supplementing the body: What is fashionable medical equipment / instrument?

What could be the future relations of individuals and public in a mega-city with no common space?


– Our privacy: How do we survive in the super surveillance society?
– Within a community: What is the definition of neighbors in future Tokyo?
– Trust outside a community: What is the future currency? What will we trust and exchange?
– Our public: the ideal public plaza that empowers people . What is a public furniture?

How can we Care-Fully Co-Craft Death-Life?

“Death is a question in itself that remains ever present and ever unanswered. In this biotech era where digital, physical and biological systems merge, it is going to become very interesting how we define what is life, what is death, what is afterlife. We have digital representations living on in social media after people have passed away, avatars of people we’ve never met in life, living on in AI after death, and biological living on after someone has passed away – like cell cultures, or the heart of someone who had passed living on in a transplant patient. There is a life that continues on outside our bodies, and our bio/technologies provide new opportunities to disembody ourselves in through our technology, and live on after death. This is just one small aspect. When we consider the full range of how our biotechnologies are increasing quality of life, saving lives and could soon extend life, it points to how much has to be considered and how much opportunity we have to create the life, death and afterlife that we desire. This all must be met with deep consideration for the very human element of alleviating suffering, compassion and fulfillment in life – and death… The question contributes to both my larger project as an artist as well as my current projects, and I will continue to share it with others.“ – Amy Karle

Photos: Ars Electronica & Hakuhodo

Future Summit Tokyo: Over three days—May 25-27, 2018—selected participants convened in the Tokyo Midtown Atrium to consider Tokyo as the laboratory of the future. What are the prospects of life and death in the city with the most rapidly aging society? How is fashion developing in one of the world’s most technologically progressive cities? And what is the relationship between the public and private spheres in a megalopolis in which there are hardly any public spaces?