NOVA Bienal Rio de Arte e Tecnologia | Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology

NOVA RIO BIENNIAL of Art & Technology, The New Aesthetics of a Technologically Modified World

20 Sept -29 Oct 2023

Museu do Amanhã

Praça Mauá, 1
Centro, Rio de Janeiro
RJ, 20081-240, Brazil

The Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology is an international exhibition of art and technology held at the iconic Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It features a wide variety of contemporary and ultra-contemporary artworks from around the world, including 2D and 3D works, interactive installations, performances, works with augmented and virtual realities, artificial intelligence, animations, game art, and more, each offering a fresh perspective on the fusion of contemporary art and cutting-edge technology, New Aesthetics, and Supercreativity. This inaugural event, curated by Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto, invites visitors on a journey through technology-driven art, emphasizing innovation, imagination, and the power of the fusion between artistic novelty and technological innovation. The choice of Museu do Amanhã, known for its forward-looking ethos, reinforces the Biennial’s commitment to exploring future horizons through the lens of creativity and innovation.

Artist Amy Karle is exhibiting 4 artworks in NOVA Bienal Rio

“NOVA: The New Aesthetics of a Technologically Modified World” invites the audience to appreciate aesthetic expressions and encourages the exploration of new ways of thinking and acting using digital and technological tools. The exhibition’s content reflects a reflective, playful, and aesthetic character that allows visitors to experience cutting-edge creations, promoting critical and creative thinking about digital and technological aesthetics as a form of creative expression and understanding of the future. Understanding the future is not a predetermined outcome but a concept that can be shaped today through the development of knowledge, actions, and decisions for a better tomorrow.” – Organizers

Amy Karle’s “Breathe” Dress at NOVA Rio Biennal worn by Amanda do Nascimento Pereira

“Curators Ricardo  Barreto and Paula Perissinotto explain that they chose the word ‘NOVA’ because when they reflected on the concept of ‘Art and Technology,’ they noticed that more than a mere combination of these two things, a fusion between the new and innovation takes place, giving rise to another conceptual form, which we call NOVA = artistic novelty + fusion + technological innovation.

Under two themes, The New Aesthetics and Supercreativity in the era of Artificial  Intelligence, NOVA RIO BIENNIAL invites the public to contemplate, interact, and reflect upon nearly 70 artworks from 30 countries.  Ten of the 66 participating artists, collectives, and studios represent Brazil.

Hanna Haaslahti, Lu Yang, Gabriel Massan, Guli Silberstein, Amy Karle, Matthias Oostrik, ines alpha, Theo Jansen, Irregular, Ludmila Rodrigues and Estudio Guto Requena are some of the artists representing the New Aesthetic theme. In contrast, Louis-Philippe Rondeau, Robin Baumgarten, Marpi Studio, Sam Twidale & Marija Avramović, Heart Machine and Sam Rolfes will represent the Supercreativity one.” – Clot Magazine

“Among the participating works stands out ” Internal Collection”  , where artist Amy Karle combines anatomy, fashion and technology to create wearable art that conveys a message of self-discovery and human connection. Her work meticulously combines manual and digital craftsmanship to depict anatomical designs, which inspire introspection. In “The Heart of Evolution?” (The Heart of Evolution?), Karle explores the meaning of the heart in an era of biotechnological-human convergence, questioning the impact of biomedical advances on natural selection and human evolution, thus provoking contemplation about the future of our species. These remarkable works by Amy Karle at the Nova Rio Biennale bridge art, science and technology, offering profound insights into the potential of humanity and the human experience.” – Designboom