Digital haute couture fashion for a virtual world.

Cyborg Fashion Sketches

Envisioning biofashion in a post-natural world when our bodies and beings are altered by biotechnology and we inhabit both virtual and physical worlds, Artist Amy Karle created this unique collection of digital sketches made with AI tools, computer-aided design, and by hand.

This collection embodies and exemplifies this pivotal moment of Artificial Intelligence exploding into Art and Design, into biotech, and into our lives; inevitably altering the trajectory of our future. The artwork and process questions who we could become through the modifications that these technologies bring with them, and dissolves boundaries of what physical and virtual life could be. Each piece is a unique 1:1 signed and minted by the artist on SuperRare >

Cyborg Fashion Sketch #001       

Cyborg Fashion Sketch #002

Cyborg Fashion Sketch #003

Cyborg Fashion Sketch #004

Hear the artist speak about this collection further in her artist talk hosted by SuperRare

Segment on Cyborg Fashion Sketches from ~16 – 19m

Available on Artist’s Custom Series Smart Contract via SuperRare