Performance, Video

Three videos of Amy Karle veiling and unveiling her face, ice melting, and struggling to swim out of entangled cloths that are wrapped around her body becoming more entangled the more she struggles were fed into sound and video of a live performance of the Artist reading from texts backwards. The sound controlled the mixing in the live-feed loop system. Acting and reacting to the sound reflexively, the Artist’s intuitive logic was revealed: “My self goes wild as my body realizes its’ limitations. I want to bring the viewer deep inside this cavity and feel my search for liberation through the imposition of external constraints.” (A. Karle) This piece asks: What desires drive us and what place do we expect to arrive at? What limits us and what frees us? Who are the characters in our mind and those we have constructed? What do we show to the world? Is there ever really a difference?

Created in real time at the Experimental Television Center and edited at The Institute for Electronic Arts.