Pepakura Gown

Leather, Silk

This custom couture laser cut gown was made using 3D scanning to create a custom fit pattern, advanced fashion pattern making in 3D digital environments into real-world soft goods, and low-waste manufacturing techniques.

Amy Karle and Michael Koehle collaborated to create the pattern for the corset of this gown, using algorithmically driven software based in Pepakura, a Japanese paper folding technique. Karle further designed a digital pattern by hand for the entire gown based off of the algorithmically created top pieces. The pattern pieces were nested for low waste manufacturing and laser cut out of leather backed with raw silk dupioni; leather being representative of skin and red silk representing the blood, muscles, and internal aspect of the body. Amy Karle then hand and machine sewed the pieces into the final dress.


Pepakura Haute Couture Gown by Amy Karle, 2016.
Pattern Collaboration with Michael Koehle.
Model: Hannah Tribolet. Photographer: Christyl O’Flaherty. Lead Makeup: Kevin Lim. Hair: Nikeshia Blount and Janene Asplund.
Shoes: United Nude