Sphenoid SERIES


ASA terapolymer, 3 in H x 4 in W x 2 in D (single sculpture), 4 in H x 10.5 in W x 5 in D (vitrine)

Focusing on the beauty and function of bones, these sculptures celebrate the sphenoid bone, a butterfly shaped bone in the upper front of the human skull that houses the pituitary gland and holds the sinuses.

Merging art and medicine, Karle created these sculptures using Computer Aided Design (CAD) created from 3D scan data of a human sphenoid bone, digital design and generative patterning; digitally manufactured via 3D printing and hand finished into sculpture. Pattern speculatively designed for direct skeletal implant, osseointegration and potential osteoconduction.

Created while Artist in Residence at Autodesk Pier 9 with support from the California Academy of Sciences.