The Body and Technology: A Conversational Metamorphosis


Digital and hand drawings
2D works, various sizes

A collection of drawings and enhanced prints made by hand and Artificial Intelligence exploring the use of AI, artificial neural networking and machine learning for health care applications and art and design. 

This body of work connects anatomy and physiology with artificial intelligence, artificial neural networking, and machine learning used in cutting edge medical research. Leveraging artificial neural networks, Amy Karle created anatomical drawings in a digital method replicating how she may create them by hand. 

The long term goals of this work are to develop a system leveraging AI in diagnosis of disease, generative CAD design of replacement parts, and bioprinting to create implants.

The hope is that in the future we may take a scan of a body part, computer vision recognizes and identifies deformity, generative design proposes new replacement designs for optimal function, a patient’s own genetic material can be used to bioprint and create a replacement part for implant. . This collection is the visual output of this system of infotech and biotech merging and are an artifact of that speculative medical future. The works become mirrors back to the self in execution, concept and final content. The collection and many of the individual pieces were titled in collaboration with AI analyzing the artist’s recent writings and talks.