SCREENING “Bringing Bones To Life”
short documentary about Amy Karle’s bioart “Regenerative Reliquary”

11th Byron Bay International Film Festival
6 – 15 October 2017
Byron Bay, Australia

“Bringing Bones to Life”, 2016 (Short Documentary) Director: Charlie Nordstrom. Country: USA. Synopsis: Amy Karle is an artist who has always been fascinated with mysteries of life. Her most recent work uses the building blocks of life: cells. In 2016, Amy created “Regenerative Reliquary,” a sculpture consisting of 3D printed scaffolds for cell culture in a bioreactor. The intention is that stem cells seeded onto this design will grow into bone. She hopes that this project serves as a foundation for further exploration and opens conversations about the awe and mystery of life, transhumanism, synthetic biology, the future of medicine and implants, and what could be made from the building blocks of life.

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