WAGMI: Kuwait’s First IRL NFT Exhibition

Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait | CAP Kuwait
Kuwait Design Center, Mezzanine
Industrial Shuwaikh, Block 2, Street 28

Nov 15 2022 – December 17th 2022

WAGMI brings together over 100 international NFT artists from both traditional art and digital art backgrounds, and introduces NFT art for the first time ever in a museum in Kuwait. It has been curated by Shurooq Amin as a minimalistic fairytale story, with a yellow brick road taking the viewer down a meandering path past all the artworks exuberantly popping out of camouflaged screens or projected gigantically onto walls, walking under gilded empty birdcages to symbolize the escape from Web2 to Web3, and culminating in a spiral towards the center room “Futurism”. Other areas in the gallery include the “Flora” corridor and the “Brushstrokes” hall.

Amy Karle is one of the artists in this group exhibition, and is giving a related artist talk.
Talk info at: https://www.amykarle.com/wagmi-amy-karle-emerging-technology-and-art-talk-conversation-with-the-artist/


About Amy’s Artwork:

Envisioning fashion in a post-natural world, Artist Amy Karle created a unique collection of digital haute couture sketches made with AI tools and by hand. Her work and this collection embodies and exemplifies this pivotal moment in contemporary art history of AI exploding into Art and Design. Cyborg Fashion Sketch #001 by Artist Amy Karle, 2022, is her first minted piece in this collection. It is a 1:1 minted for the exhibition “WAGMI: Kuwait’s First IRL NFT Exhibition” at the Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait (CAP Kuwait), 2022 on Artist’s Smart Contract, featured on the exclusive, blue-chip platform SuperRare at:


Cyborg Fashion Sketch #001 by Amy Karle was used as a headlining image for the exhibition.