Each year, BBC selects the 100 most inspirational and influential women from around the world. This year, they selected Artist Amy Karle amongst their ranks. Full list here.

This year, BBC 100 Women is asking: What would the future look like if it were driven by women?

BBC 100 Women | Amy Karle: “The Future Human: Who Will We Become Under the Influence of Technology?”
This talk by Amy Karle was given at the BBC Theatre London on 17 October 2019 bbc.com/news/world-49856545

Working at the cutting edge of art, technology, identity and humanity, Bioartist Amy Karle explores what it means to be human at this time of humans and technology merging. Her work questions and illuminates how we can use our exponential technology to heal and empower us, and considers pitfalls, dangers, opportunities and strategies. Her passionate search working through technology and medical futuring manifests in emotionally captivating artworks that trigger the imagination and also advance science and technology in the process. Amy Karle’s work broadens the possibilities of healing and enhancing the body and raises poignant questions of who we can become individually and as a society. The artist’s overarching quest to understand what it means to be human, exemplary projects, and practice of merging the body with art, design, science and 3D printing are highlighted in this talk, including fundamental questions such technology poses for the future of humanity.

BBC 100 Women 2019: Who is on the list this year?

The BBC has revealed its list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019, and Artist Amy Karle is on it. This year 100 Women is asking: what would the future look like if it were driven by women? From climate change activist Greta Thunberg, to trans woman Nisha Ayub who was put into a male prison aged 21, many on the list are driving change on behalf of women everywhere. They give us their vision of what life could look like in 2030. Born with a rare condition, Amy Karle grew up fascinated by the possibility of what the human body could be capable of with the right technology.


BBC 100 Women | The Woman Creating Art with Human Stem Cells 

Amy Karle is a bioartist. She combines art, science, and technology, using live tissue to create her work.

For her latest project she has 3D-printed a beating heart; her next step is to make a version that uses human stem cells. In making her art, she helps develop new understanding and techniques, that could be used by researchers in the future.

Photos by BBC / Bob Fallon