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AI-Assisted Biodesign

Issues in Science and Technology (winter issue) by the National Academy of Sciences and Arizona State University features Karle’s AI-assisted biodesign work. Acutely aware of the volume of questions and concerns AI poses, Karle chooses to use AI in her research and work to illuminate that it can be used to support and co-create preferable futures. "The future with AI does not have to be something that happens to us, it is something that we can co-create." - Amy Karle

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Wired Podcast SIAF AS A TOOL #3 with Guest Amy Karle (Future Theater Participating Artist)

WIRED Japan interviews artist Amy Karle in this podcast. Their discussion focuses on the impacts of technology and biotechnology on health, humanity, society, and the future, and her installation Echoes from the Valley of Existence at the Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF Triennial) which explores the ephemeral nature of human existence in a future where digital and biological technologies enable life beyond physical death, provoking questions about the legacy and interpretation of human existence by future generations or extraterrestrial beings. (In Japanese and English).

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This Futurist Wants To Send Your DNA To The Moon

In her interactive art installation Echoes From the Valley of Existence, Amy Karle collects and sends Digital and DNA samples to the moon. This project, merging biotechnology with artistic expression, invites reflection on the legacy of humanity's biological and digital remnants, provoking contemplation on how future beings might interpret the echoes of our current existence. "...the installation’s more about provoking questions than providing answers. Questions about how the biological and digital remnants we leave behind “echo” ahead in time, for example, and how future societies could interpret these relics."

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An AI Society

This article discusses the broader implications of generative AI on society, including its potential to homogenize cultural narratives and copyright laws, alongside Amy Karle's innovative use of AI in biodesign to address environmental challenges, particularly in projects that guide the growth of mycelium-based materials and speculative biomimetic corals for environmental sustainability and carbon dioxide mitigation, reflecting a nuanced view of AI's role in shaping future societal and environmental outcomes.

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Bio Artists Face an Uncertain Future

‘American bio artist Amy Karle… primarily works in the computer technology sub-genre of bio art… and examines how technology and biotechnology impact the human body. In recent artworks from the 2010s, she made a 3D-printed heart form that pulses biomechanical, ...and a scaffold in the shape of a human hand seeded with donated human cells … At the heart of these works by Karle, Catts, Zurr, and Anker is a perceptual license to explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the life sciences that traditional biologists, neurosurgeons, or chemists are not typically granted.’

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ArtScience is Blooming

The article discusses the burgeoning support for ArtScience collaborations, highlighting Amy Karle's innovative work at the intersection of art, science, and technology, and her significant impact on the field as a pioneering bioartist and futurist. Karle's projects, emphasizing the fusion of digital, physical, and biological systems, exemplify the transformative potential of integrating artistic and scientific methodologies to envision and shape future human advancements.

Artist Amy Karle "Heart of Evolution?" 2019 All rights reserved.
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Amy Karle: Where Will Biotechnology Take Us?

When she was born, Amy Karle had a rare and potentially fatal condition. This experience fueled her desire to explore biomedical technologies as an artist. Her works trigger a profound reflection on the human condition, the body and its limitations, integrating medicine, design, philosophy, art and biotechnology. This article traces the artist’s profile, describing some of her most interesting works.

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Robot Couture: Is Tech Fashion Having a Moment?

“Fashion tech designers are leading the charge… combining science, tech, and art to bring new and exciting possibilities to the industry, and help shape the vision of the future. From the unforgettable, super iconic moment when Alexander McQueen brought robot arms in fashion-making to the stage, to Iris Van Herpen, who combines cutting-edge tech and precise craftsmanship to produce delicately unique feminine clothing, to ultra-contemporary artist Amy Karle’s hybrid artworks and garments that offer a glimpse into the future possibilities of technology in fashion and who we could become when our bodies merge with technology, these designers and artists are…

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ART + TECHNOLOGY Episode 10 – Part 1 Could NFT Artwork Really Last Forever? (video)

“Is blockchain the new afterlife? … Amy Karle returns to Art+Technology to talk about her pivot toward the metaverse. Amy shares how she was able to "transcend the physical into the decentralized digital" in her new skull-inspired collection. Host Gemma Cairney gets a crash course on NFTs and learns about new opportunities for artists in the era of blockchain.”

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Interview With Artist Amy Karle (podcast)

Spotify | iTunes | Google “We are joined by ultra-contemporary artist Amy Karle. Heralded as BBC's 100 most inspiring & influential women, Amy discusses her journey into web3. She is known for her exhibits worldwide and the impact they play in our technology based world. In this 1:1 interview, Amy questions technology's impact on humanity and the future impact blockchain may have on our everyday lives. Her web 3 presence is growing and she discusses her excitement to build, as she begins her NFT art journey.”

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Wikipedia | BioArt

“BioArt is an art practice where artists work with biology, live tissues, bacteria, living organisms, and life processes. Using scientific processes and practices such as biology and life science practices, microscopy, and biotechnology (including technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, and cloning) the artworks are produced in laboratories, galleries, or artists' studios. The scope of BioArt is a range considered by some artists to be strictly limited to "living forms", while other artists include art that uses the imagery of contemporary medicine and biological research, or require that it address a controversy or blind spot posed by the very…

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Project 1138 Ep II: Clones (podcast)

A British curator thought it would be a good idea to turn his Art Wars exhibition of artist embellished Stormtrooper helmets into 1138 NFTs. It wasn’t. In this episode, the hosts delve into the replication of artwork in the ArtWars NFT collection and covers topics such as A.I generated art and cloning techniques, featuring guests Artist Amy Karle, Multi-Media Strategist Lechon Kirb, and Star Wars artist, effects designer and animator Mark Anthony Austin.

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Unknown Unknowns: The Milan Triennale

“Amy Karle grew bone on a bioprinted scaffold in the shape of a human hand. Made of biodegradable hydrogel, the scaffold eventually disintegrates allowing the human Mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs from an adult donor) seeded onto the design to grow tissue and mineralise into bone… In the perspective the Milan exhibition, the work suggests a future when we will be able to use 3D printing to “fix” the first humans on Mars. It also investigates who we could become if we exploit the full potential of biotechnologies.”