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The Meeting Of Organic And Technology In The Work Of Amy Karle

Technological progress is often understood as the opposite pole to nature and organicity, however some artists seek to create bridges between technology and human experience. Among them, the American artist Amy Karle stands out… Amy Karle shows us that technological devices can be tools to better understand and reflect on the condition of being human. How the paths of technology and organic can intertwine, creating extremely productive connections (translated).

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Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images Into Public Domain

Artist Amy Karle unveils a series of sculptures of the National Museum of Natural History’s 66-million-year-old triceratops, Hatcher…  The Smithsonian invited artists, educators and researchers for a sneak peak into the archives, and will be featuring some of their creations... Among them is a series of sculptures crafted by artist Amy Karle, depicting the National Museum of Natural History’s 66-million-year-old triceratops, Hatcher. Karle, who specializes in 3-D artworks that highlight body form and function, was keen on bringing the fossil to life in an era where modern technology has made de-extinctions of ancient species a tantalizing possibility. Six of her nine 3-D…

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BBC 100 Women 2019: Who is on the list this year?

The BBC has revealed its list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019, and Artist Amy Karle is on it. This year 100 Women is asking: what would the future look like if it were driven by women? From climate change activist Greta Thunberg, to trans woman Nisha Ayub who was put into a male prison aged 21, many on the list are driving change on behalf of women everywhere. They give us their vision of what life could look like in 2030. Born with a rare condition, Amy Karle grew up fascinated by the…

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Computational art: a field of research and creation

This research proposes a theoretical study in the field of computer art, and discuss the relations between art and the computational technologies. Through a comparative study of the definitions of computer art, some essential notions, that qualify this field of research, are presented. Furthermore, a set of computer art works, presented in a chronological perspective, is analyzed. A discussion on the circuits of computer art completes this research, raising questions about its cataloging and conservation… FILE of the year 2017, for example, included garments created with digital manufacturing technologies by American Amy Karle. According to the official website, the main…

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Memories externalized by technology: how to create a bodily experience

This paper presents a theoretical-practical investigation on the importance and use of technology in the storage, evocation and transmission of memories, and how externalized memories can relate again with technology and the body, transforming itself into a form of existence. A historical study is carried out on memory and its relationship with technology, and a survey to understand memory today. In addition, digital aesthetics are explored, bringing examples of works that work with memory, body and technology. From the definition of these concepts, we seek to understand the interaction between memories external to the human body and the use of…

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Between-screens: the fashion designer in the vicinity of the culture maker and industry 4.0

Amy Karle is an artist and designer who uses cutting-edge technologies in her performances and artistic works, in order to raise questions about the relationship between human beings and technology. In her work entitled “Internal Collection”, exhibited at the 2017 Electronic Language Festival (FILE) in São Paulo, the artist intends to show images of the interior of our bodies exposed externally in the form of a vest. Different dresses with complex cutouts that represent images of the respiratory, vascular, bone structure were created with different techniques. During a lecture given on July 18, 2017 during the festival, Karle tells her…

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Mônica Bergamo | Society Column The FILE Electronic Language International Festival exhibition was opened with the presence of the president of the institution, curators of the show, and artist Amy Karle who has exhibited works at the show... (translated)

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Festival de Linguagem Eletrônica na FIESP

The artworks at FILE play with senses and cause unusual sensations of visitors that turn the mood of how we perceive reality. This exhibition brings together the latest contemporary works of art that use technological resources to conceive works in artistic expression. This American artist [Amy Karle] who created dresses from body scans and digital manufacturing discusses how we all speak electronic language and communicate through digital media.(translated)

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FILE leva a público novas experiências eletrônicas

Cited as the most relevant event of electronic art in Latin America, the International Festival of Electronic Language (FILE) event … including the selection of the fashion work of American Amy Karle [caption] … aims to make the public experience and reflect on the new concepts that the Electronic art carries with it, as the active participation of people with the work... (translated)

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Bubbling Universes: FILE São Paulo 2017

Switching up conventions about the body and beauty, the selections from her “Internal Collection” showing at FILE represent internal anatomy in external wearable form. Merging anatomy, fashion, and technology, each piece is created by hand and digital manufacturing technologies. By depicting designs inspired by anatomy, this work communicates that, when we share our likeness and what is going on inside of us, an opportunity is offered for finding beauty within ourselves and connection with others.

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Quando a moda imita a vida

For Amy Karle, fashion offers the opportunity to change identity and the way they feel about ourselves. In making her recent dresses, she shows what is inside everyone that we all have in common: organs, bones, blood. To create her clothes, the designer uses the 3D printer [digital manufacturing and laser cutting] in order to create something totally new. She explains that by learning about the digital manufacturing technologies, her brain went to work in a different way, making her have more innovative ideas than she would have if she were making clothes in the traditional way alone. (translated)

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Cyber-perception and self-knowledge: interfaces for the development of self-perception through interactivity

Situated at the threshold of the distinction between what can be considered as art or design, is the work of Amy Karle. It consists, roughly, of an experimental interaction between biofeedback sensors and the processing of this data by the classic analog computer known historically as Sandin IP. Visual and sound effects are produced from waves captured through sensors, which in turn are interpreted by archaic technology. Depending on the intentions and the state of the mental body emitted by the connected person, it is possible to control the images and sounds generated by the computer. According to Karle, art…