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Robot Couture: Is Tech Fashion Having a Moment?

“Fashion tech designers are leading the charge… combining science, tech, and art to bring new and exciting possibilities to the industry, and help shape the vision of the future. From the unforgettable, super iconic moment when Alexander McQueen brought robot arms in fashion-making to the stage, to Iris Van Herpen, who combines cutting-edge tech and precise craftsmanship to produce delicately unique feminine clothing, to ultra-contemporary artist Amy Karle’s hybrid artworks and garments that offer a glimpse into the future possibilities of technology in fashion and who we could become when our bodies merge with technology, these designers and artists are…

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ART + TECHNOLOGY Episode 10 – Part 1 Could NFT Artwork Really Last Forever? (video)

“Is blockchain the new afterlife? … Amy Karle returns to Art+Technology to talk about her pivot toward the metaverse. Amy shares how she was able to "transcend the physical into the decentralized digital" in her new skull-inspired collection. Host Gemma Cairney gets a crash course on NFTs and learns about new opportunities for artists in the era of blockchain.”

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Interview With Artist Amy Karle (podcast)

Spotify | iTunes | Google “We are joined by ultra-contemporary artist Amy Karle. Heralded as BBC's 100 most inspiring & influential women, Amy discusses her journey into web3. She is known for her exhibits worldwide and the impact they play in our technology based world. In this 1:1 interview, Amy questions technology's impact on humanity and the future impact blockchain may have on our everyday lives. Her web 3 presence is growing and she discusses her excitement to build, as she begins her NFT art journey.”

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Project 1138 Ep II: Clones (podcast)

A British curator thought it would be a good idea to turn his Art Wars exhibition of artist embellished Stormtrooper helmets into 1138 NFTs. It wasn’t. In this episode, the hosts delve into the replication of artwork in the ArtWars NFT collection and covers topics such as A.I generated art and cloning techniques, featuring guests Artist Amy Karle, Multi-Media Strategist Lechon Kirb, and Star Wars artist, effects designer and animator Mark Anthony Austin.

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Unknown Unknowns: The Milan Triennale

“Amy Karle grew bone on a bioprinted scaffold in the shape of a human hand. Made of biodegradable hydrogel, the scaffold eventually disintegrates allowing the human Mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs from an adult donor) seeded onto the design to grow tissue and mineralise into bone… In the perspective the Milan exhibition, the work suggests a future when we will be able to use 3D printing to “fix” the first humans on Mars. It also investigates who we could become if we exploit the full potential of biotechnologies.”



“我们不仅在与机器“争夺”版权,人与动物也有着新的共创关系。生物艺术(Bio Art)是人类与活组织、细菌、活体和生命过程相结合的艺术实践。艺术家在控制条件框架之下,让这些生物自行生长,交出发展方式的控制权。例如,艺术家Amy Karle利用人类干细胞的智力,创作出作品《再生的圣物》(Regenerative Reliquary,2016)。这是一个3打印的人类手骨架的形状,并将其浸泡在可生物降解的pegda水凝胶中。”

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Atlas of Data Bodies 1: Body images in art, design and science in the age of digital media

“What fascinates Karle, especially with regards to the human body, is the contradictory potential of technology... In art, it is possible to negotiate inescapable questions as well as utopian and dystopian future scenarios. But how does the convergence, mixing and reconfiguration of organic and artificial bodies affect our definition of what it means to be human? In relation to the significance of illness, healing, and technology within her biography, Karle exposes philosophical lines and nodes around the human body and its fragility. Her works are hybrids that embrace artistic as well as scientific methodologies. As such, she can be described…


Atlas der Datenkörper 1: Körperbilder in Kunst, Design und Wissenschaft im Zeitalter digitaler Medien.

“fundamentale Überlegungen sind der Ausgangspunkt vieler Arbeiten von Amy Karle. Den technischen Fortschritt in der Biomedizin befragt Karle nach seinen existentiellen Auswirkungen. Ausgehend von einer Konversation mit der Künstlerin verfassten Marlene Bart und Alex Leo Freier einen gemeinsamen Essay, welcher die vielschichtigen Ebenen von Karles Œuvre, das sich in der Bioart verorten lässt, bespricht und dieses als Teil einer Geschichte der Imagination liest.”


Artist Amy Karle’s Inaugural Exhibition in the Metaverse

“Karle has shown in museums worldwide including The Smithsonian, The Mori Museum, Ars Electronica, and the Centre Pompidou, and is now exhibiting this NFT art collection for her first exhibition in the metaverse! OnCyber Wake Gallery can be viewed March 7-21, 2022… The digital artworks in The Skull Collection explore the meaning of mortality and question the implications of technology on humanity that remains in the digital domain. The artworks are contemplations of how we can transcend the physical into the digital after we die.”

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Introducing the (A) in STEM Processes

This publication presents a collection of global arts and science cases, including work by Amy Karle, categorized into three phases - Insight, Process, and Output - to understand the existing collision between the fields, aiming to inspire teachers, artists, and scientists to appreciate the advancements in science and art, and use them to create meaningful visions for the future. Karle’s work “encourages envisioning both medical and artistic futuring, fostering innovation and education. This may serve as a foundation for further exploration and research opening conversation about transhumanism, synthetic biology, the future of medicine and implants and speculative design.” ISBN:978-952-344-432-4



“科學提供了關於真理的事實,藝術卻提供了關於真理的意義。當前者被藝術家應用、轉化成藝術形式之後,重點已不在於工具化的功能想像,更關乎藝術家如何跳脫嚴謹的邏輯辯證,省思與回應新的科學知識及科技技術對於文明的衝擊,且透過對審美跟精神性等的探究,顯現人類透過技術對於自身想像的「幻我」,以及嘗試打造的理想「它境」。… 卡爾(Amy Karle)則在三件作品中,進一步展示藝術對醫學身體與身體探測的轉化. 藝術家在將自身幻化為科技時代裡的「蓋婭」身影的同時,亦回望著人類演進的關鍵:人類之所以為人類,即因在遠古洞穴中創造了藝術,而創發了心靈活動。此一精神性的儀式可謂為「蓋婭」展覽的一樓展間,做了承先啟後的總結。”

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NgraphT by Keevo Partners with Artist Amy Karle to Drop First NFT Art Collection

“Encouraged by NFT collectors to curate and share her NFT artwork, her first drop has been highly anticipated. Half of the collection sold out in the first 30 minutes during the early access mint-list… Karle's genesis drop, The Skull Collection, is a series of artworks created from 3D scans of a human skull illuminating her explorations into the legacy of our digital remains after we die… Rumors of Karle creating an NFT drop have sent the traditional art-world into a frenzy with global key players pre-booking Karle for exhibits including her NFTs. Her NFTs are solid investments, as her value…


Enter the Skull Collection: Keevo Partners with Artist Amy Karle for an Original NFT Collection

"For all the disruptive cycles of the crypto-world, it is NFTs that fuse artists, technology, investors, and collectors in immutable symbiosis. This is why, for our first NFT collection, we’ve partnered with an artist built for the Metaverse... Amy Karle. As a highly acclaimed, ultra-Contemporary artist, we could tell right away that she is set to become one of the leading female artists in the blockchain space."


台北當代藝術館《蓋婭:基因、演算、智能設計與自動機 幻我;它境》14位國內外藝術家展現藝術與科技的碰撞展演,腦洞大開新體驗 首件展覽衍生性NFT作品2月19日上線發行.

“卡爾Amy Karle的創作,融合數位、身體及生物系統,展現生命物質與精神面向的藝術作品 … 彷彿在遠古洞穴裡人類以冥想與自然相應,展開一場新的精神性儀式,將自身幻化為科技時代裡的「蓋婭」身影”


艺术 再生 人体 : 艾米 · 卡尔 (Amy Karle) 的 生物 艺术 建议

“艾米 是 一位 美国 生物 艺术家 , 他 以 人体 的 静脉 , 动脉 和 内脏 器官 的 形状 进行 设计 , 3D 雕塑 , 表演 甚至 时尚。 生物 艺术 这 是 当代 艺术 中 最 的 潮流。 它 是 结合 科学 , 艺术 和 技术 的 生活 艺术 干预。生物 艺术家 在 工作 时 会 使用 组织 培养 物 , 眼泪 , 细菌 , ДНК 以及 动物 或 他们 自己 的 血液 , 以便 反思 我们 所 知道 的 生命 及其 意义。”

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Advance Your Art: From Artist to Creative Entrepreneur | Ep236 Amy Karle – Internationally Award-Winning Bioartist (podcast, start @ 4m)

Amy Karle is an internationally award-winning artist and a successful entrepreneur. In this illuminating and motivating interview, Amy Karle discusses her artwork, philosophy and approach, the source of her inspiration and drive, and her business practices surrounding facing fears and the importance of deadlines and a healthy regiment, setting smart goals, and what success means to her.


Morphologies of Resurrection:灵感来自6600万年前的三角龙骨架 产品设计作品集

“艺术家Amy Karle——当今 3D 打印行业最具影响力的女性之一,也是BBC的100位女性之一——想向我们所有人介绍她的一位名叫“Hatcher”的老朋友,这是一具6600万年前的三角龙骨架在国家自然历史博物馆中,它作为第一只“数字恐龙”创造了历史。Karle使用来自史密森尼数字化办公室的三角龙化石骨骼的3D扫描数据作为一系列艺术作品的基础单体,每幅作品都旨在想象基于灭绝物种的新形式,以探索通过技术再生的假设进化。”



“未来脑机、人机合一技术成形后,传感器直接和神经网络连上,这就不是虚拟体验了,而是真实的感受,进入虚拟数字世界的你,是真实的你的永生。未来脑机连接技术把一个人的意识和记忆下载、上传到另一具肉体、机器、电脑上面,活在电脑上,在元宇宙中也可自由活动,放弃硅基壳,成为修道成功后的登仙,不受物理世界的束缚,可腾云驾雾,可穿墙而过,可超控现实事物,而做到万物互联。这时的我们与肉身的自然人、虚拟世界的数字人产生真假难辨的伦理关系,世界成为虚实相生的世界。2011年艾米·•卡丽(Amy Karle)创作作品《生物反馈艺术》,艾米·卡丽将她的身体及意识与技术融合地反应出来。”