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DEATH-LIFE Introduction-Roppongi Hills over tombs. Animism and the present of death seen in Aoyama cemetery

The discussion theme for the "DEATH-LIFE TOKYO" team is the future life and death of Tokyo, one of the most aging cities in the world. Tokyo's aging rate (percentage of the elderly population in the population) is estimated to reach 23.2% in 2020 and 33.7% in 2060 (*). In addition, some researchers believe that the life expectancy will reach 100 years by 2045 due to advances in medical technology and so on.


Ars electronica FIS TOKYO

Future Summit Tokyo: Over three days—May 25-27, 2018—selected participants convened in the Tokyo Midtown Atrium to consider Tokyo as the laboratory of the future. What are the prospects of life and death in the city with the most rapidly aging society? How is fashion developing in one of the world’s most technologically progressive cities? And what is the relationship between the public and private spheres in a megalopolis in which there are hardly any public spaces?


首都・東京を“ラボ”化せよ。 Future Innovators Summit Tokyo 2018、始動。

FIS Tokyo 2018 will be held for the first time outside Austria from May 25th to 27th. The theme is "to make Tokyo" lab ". FIS Tokyo 2018 closes the application for participants on February 28th. Now that it has been about three months left, I will discuss how FIS Tokyo will become a laboratory in Tokyo, with an interview with Taniko Tako, who works as a facilitator at FIS.