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And The YouFab Award 2017 Goes To…

“The winners of the prestigious YouFab Global Creative Awards organized by Fabcafe have been announced. The grand prize was awarded to Regenerative Reliquary by American bioartist Amy Karle. The piece is both an artwork of refined esthetics and an illustration of technological developments in cell culture and 3D-printing living matter… a very sci-fi installation for growing human tissue inside a transparent bioreactor. Beyond the aesthetics of a luminous hand submerged in nurturing fluid, the concept could also be applied to personalized medical prosthetics, grown from the patient’s own body cells.”

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“Digital Fabrication Award “YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017”, Announcement of Examination Results “

“The results of the global award “YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017″hosted by FabCafe Global was announced. Beginning in 2012, this is the sixth time YouFab Global Creative Awards evaluates manufacturing in the new era created using digital machine tools. The grand prize, “Regenerative Reliquary” produced by Amy Karle shined. “Regenerative Reliquary” reproduces the bones in the human hand made with 3D printers and human stem cells. It is a work that draws the possibility of life from inanimate objects and opens questions on the mystery of life.” (translated)

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YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017

YouFab Global Creative Awards are prestigious awards that serve as a platform to unearth and promote new ideas and works that can shape our future. This year’s winners were selected from 227 works from 26 countries. Amy Karle’s work “Regenerative Reliquary” is grand prize winner. The Winning Works will be displayed at Good Design Marunouchi (Tokyo) from February 9th to February 23rd, 2018.

JapaneseYouFab Global Creative Awards

“Global Foundation Award for Digital Fabrication Area “YouFab 2017” Award Winners Released”

“YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017 Grand Prize was awarded to “Regenerative Reliquary” by American bioartist Amy Karle. It is a human hand design made with 3D printers and human stem cells. Human mesenchymal stem cells are planted in the 3D printed hand skeleton and the cells gradually grow into bone along the hand shape. It is a work which explores the meaning of being “human being” across the barriers of art, design, science, technology and the mystery of life.” (translated)