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Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities (Book)

“We can look to the biotech architecture of the body for models of how to build a resilient city. When the biotech architecture of the body functions properly, it is in physical and mental health and well-being, exceptionally resilient and highly adaptive, the picture of ultimate vitality. The intelligence and design of the body and its’ functions, systems and interrelationships - down to the smallest components of cells and DNA - reveal the complex interworking of a profoundly intelligent system designed with multiple highly organized systems including infrastructure, prioritization, electricity, communication, fuel, recycling and waste management, short and long term…

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MagazinLutka | 2019 Autumn

The meeting of puppets and digitally birthed images and modes of thinking. The illusion of a puppet, electronically animated like a modern-day Pinocchio; dreams of Pygmalion, technologically realized; the return of the golem, bearing a digital mark on its forehead; the nightmare of Frankenstein digitizing himself. The image of a robot, a total hybrid of artificial life and animation, no longer manually but electronically automated, insinuates itself. Then the question is posed: if digital technology automates the puppet, grants it artificial intelligence and severs it from the puppeteer’s hands and body, from his corporeality, is this still a puppet? Wherein…

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The Shock of the New: Arts, Technology, and Making Sense of the Future

In times characterized by complexity, disruption and an unprecedented speed of change, uncertainty about the future is staring us in the face. While some relish the unknown, believing in the “art of the possible,” others struggle to embrace the future with confidence. Societal, economic and cultural divides present wildly different ideas about the future our collective humanity faces. Making sense of what lies ahead will become ever more important as global issues, such as climate change, and the ethics of technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, transform daily life.

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Amy Karle: A Space In-Between Art and Science

Amy Karle's work is recorded in this Bio Art movement and does not settle for creating a meeting between human body and advanced technologies, for making them coexist but she is establishing them in unison in symbols of an enquiry we could qualify to be anthropological. The match between biotechnologies and the body are asking questions about our connection to our humanity. Her work is not only innovative because it suggests ideas which could be directly applied to body's reconstructive surgeries, but also because it can serve as a springboard in raising self-awareness.