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Amy Karle (born 1980) is an American artist, bioartist and futurist. She creates work that looks forward to a future where technology can support and enhance the human condition. She was named in BBC's 100 women, as one of the 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019. Her work questions what it means to be human, with an emphasis on exploring the relationship between technology and humanity; particularly how technology and biotechnology impacts health, humanity, evolution and the future. She combines science and technology with art and is known for using live tissue in her works.…

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Artfacts: Amy Karle

Amy Karle is an Ultra-Contemporary artist. Amy Karle is mostly exhibited in Japan andFrance. The most important show was The Factory of Life - La Fabrique du vivant at Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2019. Other important shows were at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and Ars Electronica Center in Linz. Amy Karle has been exhibited with The Tissue Culture & Art Project, EcoLogic Studio, Mark Stelarc, Mehmet “Memo” Akten.

Artist Amy Karle "Heart of Evolution?" 2019 All rights reserved.
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A Mirror of Flesh: An Exploration of Materiality in Living Bioengineered Art

“Karle’s work has engaged in both conceptual and material bioart, including drawings, performance, sound and 3D bioprinting in her practice… The work is pioneering from both an artistic perspective as well as within biotechnological practices … demonstrating an exploratory element of bioart practices in the new uses of existing technologies, as well as innovative ideas requiring new or alternative techniques or materials to be produced… Her interest in biological materials is motivated by a wider interest in the future of technologies and their potential impacts.”

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ideaXme | Amy Karle Interview: exponential technology and ethics series

The first interview in ideaXme's exponential technology and ethics series is with Artist Amy Karle, BioArtist and Futurist. Amy shares with us her views on the interface between exponential technology and ethics… Amy is exploring the possibility of creating replacement parts for diseased organs. Amy talks of her award winning work and discusses the critical role ethics must play in the development of exponential technologies.

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TIPE 3D Conference | Pushing the Limits of Additive Manufacturing in Healthcare (Video)

As part of the "first ever all female speaker 3D printing conference", industry leaders Amy Karle, Chengxi Wang, Jenny Chen and Laura Kastenmayer discuss "Pushing the Limits of Additive Manufacturing in Healthcare" including: creativity and innovation; accessibility, education, collaboration; digital & additive manufacturing to support ending the covid-19 pandemic; how panelists would ultimately push AM in healthcare if the sky's the limit

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Religion and the Digital Arts (Book)

ISBN:9789004447592, 9004447598 With degrees in Philosophy and Art and Design, Amy Karle’s work explores the deep questions at the intersection of the human experience and technology: What happens when technology surpasses humanity? Can we use technology to indefinitely prolong life? How does technology enable life after death? How might we use technology to redesign the human body?

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ARTIST + SCIENTIST: Future visions (Video)

How can art support science? And how can science support art? Follow the discussion between award-winning Artist Amy Karle and Erasmus MC’s research team Roberto Narcisi, Enrique Andres Sastre and Yannick Nossin who believe these two fields go hand in hand with each other. In the end, aren't art and science seeking for the same answers? How will science and all its data look like in the future? And what essential role can art take in this?

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Online Artist Talks (Video)

Get to know the artists of (UN)REAL! Who are they? What kind of art do they make, and what is their (UN)REAL artwork about? In this video you will get to know each artists that have participated in (UN)REAL exhibition at Science Gallery Rotterdam including Amy Karle who created Morphologies of Resurrection.

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Quarantime! | Episode 44: What is Reality? An Exclusive Quarantime Investigation(video)

More than ever people are asking, what’s real? How did this ever become an urgent question for our daily lives, a matter of ever greater disagreement and discord? “Are We As Gods? Bio Reality with Amy Karle” begins ~35:30 Amy Karle is an internationally award-winning bioartist working at the nexus of where digital, physical and biological systems merge. Her art and enquiry explores ethical questions about our god like power to author in biological and genetic media, and ultimately asks how we might create a positive better future and not a dystopian one.

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Cyberpunks | Bioartist Amy Karle Delivers New Hope in Regenerative Reliquary

For many artists, the expression of the human condition comes through pain. Emotional, psychological toiling expelled into the world. Perhaps no one’s artistic trauma manifests more materially than the work of Amy Karle. Amy grew up with a rare and dangerous genetic disorder known as aplasia cutis, the missing of skin on the scalp. From such beginnings, Karle pioneered a new form of artistic expression: Bioart…It’s a style of art just past the threshold of science–experimentation for the sake of creativity in lieu of medicinal remedy.

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Ars Electronica X .art Domains – The Digital Launch You Don’t Want to Miss

Artist Amy Karle comments, “I use technology as a mirror to the self, to who we are and to who we can become. My work questions and maps the new world of humans merging with technology, and what could be done to shape a more positive future. My Digital Twins that are featured in the Ars Electronica. ART Gallery … examine material and spiritual aspects of life, opening visions of how technology could be utilized to support and enhance humanity. The projects probe how exponential technology and interventions could heal and enhance the body – and even alter the course of evolution.”   

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The University of British Columbia | AI, Robotics, Smart Cities, Architecture and the Arts How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow

Amy Karle has crafted an extraordinary line... The materials mimic the pulmonary system, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons or the nervous system literally turning the wearer’s battle for life inside out. ...Bioengineering, genetic engineering and other forms of biotechnology were explored as solutions to treat incurable diseases and even improve all types of performance… bio artworks included The Heart of Evolution (2019), a higher performance human heart created by Amy Karle – exploring to what degree humans should change their bodies.